This site is devoted to Genesis a retro-paper based Role Playing Game. Where the scale of adventures are only limited by your imagination! This game was developed by high school kids in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It has been remastered and posted publicly for all to enjoy.
The rules of Genesis are divided into books or 'caudex'. There is the Caudex Regulum, the book of Rules. The Caudex Centia, the book of knowledge. Caudex Universum the book of stories.


The Caudex Regulum, the book of Rules. All game masters should read all the rules to be successful at leading teams through adventures.


The Caudex Centia, the book of knowledge. All role playing gamers should know the history, politics, economics - best of all we have tones of equipment, clothes, vehicles and even star ships.

Character Races

There are several Player Character races from different and unusual worlds. We also have several Non-Player Character races. Read them all and choose you favourite.

Trading - A respectful Occupation

Literally hundreds of societies live under the Foundation, and each has its own distinct sense of value and worth, thus making it extremely difficult to reach even a general consensus on a standard system of monetary exchange. The traditions and customs that have arisen within one people may hold totally different or even opposite meanings for their neighbours, whether they be a few kilometres or a few parsecs distant.

Ready for your next adventure?

Check out Character Generation rules


Review our catalog of technology, equipment, and vehicles.

Learn about the background of the Universe

There's a wide & diverse history of people and events that shaped the Genesis Universe. Check out these sections to find out more.


Lean about some of the famous people who helped share the Poly Solar Foundation.


If you fail to learn from history, you are bound to make the same mistakes.