In this chapter we will discuss the most essential part of any role playing game, the character. Characters have an essential role in role-playing games, no pun intended. Whether they are portrayed by the players or by the Game Master, they give life to the game. Like the characters in a play or a movie, they work, live, and die in front of the setting. These characters are brought to life by the actors, and like actors you must also play the role of your character. Many times an actor is given a role to play that is very difficult for varied reasons, and the actor is judged by how convincing, believable, and realistic the performance was. In Genesis you are asked to portray either a human or one of many alien races. At first the human may seem to be the easiest but, if you consider that this human has grown up 250 years in the future the task of portraying him realistically becomes more difficult. In fact, it may be even more difficult than portraying an alien. This chapter will allow you to become familiar with the characters of Genesis and the kinds of information that is needed to describe characters. Further, it will give you a good idea of characters do in Genesis and, it will lead you through the steps of creating your own character. Finally, this chapter will give you the information and background necessary to portray your character realistically. You won't win any Oscars but if you truly play the role of your character you will experience a world 250 years in the future.

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