There are a total of eleven different races in the know galaxy. These can be divided into two rough categories by geography. Six of the known races inhabit the area of space explored by the Eebek-Human Alliance - The First Sphere, the remaining five developed in the Second Sphere. The races of the First Sphere were discovered first and consequently the most information is known about this group of races, whereas the discovery of the Second Sphere and its race has only occurred in the past few decades.

The races of the Second Sphere have not yet fully integrated in to the Alliance and are still considered, by none, as a curiosity. There are exceptions, however. In the First Sphere the Race known as the Tanaians prefer to collect information about other races and cultures rather than divulging information about themselves. In the Second Sphere there are two races which are still a bit of a mystery, both the Aracnians and the Faborians. The Aracnians dislike intrusion on their home world of Tabell. In contrast the Faborians have an entirely different reason for being secluded, their home planet, Fabi, has a 14th century, Earth equivalent, Social Structure. Although there has been much study on the Faborians the only information available is that gained for the few individuals that were removed from their Mother World. The First Sphere has only begun to explore our local portion of the universe, already there are fruits of its labour. There are surely many other life forms to contact.

First Sphere - Racial Size Comparison Chart

EebekFenbinHumanKraneLow KaaTanaian

Second Sphere - Racial Size Comparison Chart


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