The force of time changes a character. The goals they seek to achieve and the motivations they strive for -- makes them change and grow as individuals. This inner growth is a slow process and only occurs over time, but there are portions that can be had post-haste. Basic details like movement, endurance, and encumbrance, your character's trials in the world of Genesis and the experience gained from success or failure. The effects felt from wounds, sickness, and aging. Essentially, the day-to-day events every character feels because they are alive, and in a living world. These details come directly from Character Life. Character life describes many different sides of how characters interact with their environment. Movement & Encumbrance, Sickness, Healing, Aging, Death, Skill Resolution and Experience. Each relates different effects to the character because of the environment to which they are exposed. Encumbrance deals with character movement and endurance, while carrying loads. Healing describes how characters heal, and function while damaged. The experience system allows characters to learn from the actions they take, whether the results were expected or not. Finally, skill resolution describes a character's ability to perform tasks, and to determine the level of proficiency. In short these system describe the events of a character's life. Character life supplies information that helps you to round-out your character into a living breathing person -- that will be easy to portray.

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