Dated: December 31, 1990

  • The Milmoth (a.k.a. Vega) system is under heavy mining activity. The solar accretion disk is still quite disordered, and materials are still floating around freely in the form a small to large asteroids. Claim jumping, and counter-claim jump is rampant as the various mini-companies rush to profit as quickly as they can. M.A.S.S. Has been deployed from the Poly-Solar Foundation (PSF) to help the local authorities contain the mayhem.
  • The First Sphere is extending it's influence by way of various governments within the PSF.
  • Interplanetary trade between systems is a lucrative pastime, with Chandlers seeking to find and exploit deficits in one product, material, or information.
  • The ongoing battle against techno-pollution on Carakuss, the home world of the LowKaa.
  • Exploration of the Second Sphere and all it's vastness.
  • The recovery from the Economic fallout of the collapse of the Corporate-era and the downfall of the Mega-Corps. The once company towns, planets are now establishing ties with the PSF. Corruption is wide-spread and law-and-order, followed by trade is gradually bringing those engines of local commerce back on-line.
  • There are pockets of corporate loyalists at most corporate colonies, they are either petitioning, or newly added to the Poly-Solar Foundation.
  • These are just a few of the adventures that could be had in the Genesis Universe.