Version History

Version 1

The game was produced using both digital and analogue techniques and distributed in a limited run. It came in a three-ring binder, for expandability, and had a CMYK cover illustration which was printed in Dr. E.P. Scarlett ‘s Photo / Off-set Lithography shop. No dice were included with the game.

Version 2

In this version, 2,000 units of the game were produced and sold across North-America. Again it was shipped in a three-ring binder, which had a cardboard insert added to the narrow side & shrieked wrapped, to make it resemble a boxed game. The content was written, and edited and digital desktop published with the latest technology and tequniques at the time.

The Computer

  • AST Research 268 premium 2M of Ram
  • 40M Hard Drive
  • Cannon IX-12 Image Scanner
  • HP Laserjet III

The Software

PC-Write 3.0Word processing
Lotus 1-2-3 2.1Table generation
dBase IVStar map and coordinate conversion
PC Paintbrush IVImage Scanning
Arts & LettersLogo generation
PageMaker 3.0Page Layout & Composition

PC-Write© is a copyright of Quicksoft. Lotus 1-2-3™ is a registered trademark of Lotus Development Corp. dBase™ is a registered trademark of Ashton Tate. PC Paintbrush™ is a registered trademark of Zsoft Corporation. Arts & Letters™ is a registered trademark of Computer Support Corporation. PageMaker™ is a registered trademark of Aldus Corporation. LaserJet™ is a registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard Corporation.

Version 3

All of the original text and images from version 2 were added to by additional artists and writers. This revised content was being prepared for the next version when the production team took a hiatus. Many years rolled by with the original files & hardcopy artwork being transported back and forth across Canada.
In 2018 the content was dusted-off and the remastering of all the art and text began again.

Compute Hardware

Cloud Services

Development packages used

Software & Apps