First-aid Kit

Containing 40 bandages and 5 injections of each of the following: Bioxin, D-zine, E-dorphs, End Bleed, Insta-cast. Also included is a 10 dose tube of Promethel gel and a spray pump of Spray Skin. This kit is designed to render basic medical attention to stabilize a wounded patient.

Grim Reaper

One of the newest products in bio-engineering technology, this small fuzzy creature has been designed as an organic backup for most bodily functions. Its body is approximately half a cubic meter in volume and it has two short arms wrap around the wearer's neck and lock in place. Once attached a reaper will assume all normal circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and excretory function, until the patient's own systems have recovered. A fresh reaper has a store of fat that it uses for nutrition, as it stabilizes patients. The store will be enough to for one day with the most critically wounded patients, and longer for the less severely wounded. Reapers are omnivores that eat through a small opening just below the patient's own mouth. Reapers eat three meals a day and properly fed they can support a patient indefinitely. Models are available that can secrete various medicines directly into the patients, at slightly higher cost. Only available for Eebeks and Humans, models for other races are under development. NOTE: using an inappropriate model would inflict more damage then it heals.

Medical pouch

A basic medical kit for the purposes of stabilizing the vital signs or wounded persons. The kit contains 10 injections of each of the following chemicals - Bioxin, D-zine, E-dorphs, Endbleed, HHB, Hypermetabolin, Instacast, Thenelin RGF. A tube of Promethel gel good for 15 large doses. Also included is spray pump of Sprayskin, a Splitter, a hand medical sensor, and various forceps and probes. These items are contained within a hard water and air tight case made of reinforced organo-polymer.


Portable Auto-doc

Able to perform basic medical tasks, cleaning wounds, bandaging, and administration of drugs this little robot hovers above the ground. Its two arms are specialized to various functions and it is programmed to function in conjunction with a doctor (or medical robot).


Adrenazine - Synthetic, enhanced adrenaline, 'D-zine' will enhance Physical Strength +20 for 1:10sd hours Anasleep - Induces sleep for 1:10sd hours. AntiRad Treatment - Various drugs that lessen the effects of radiation and promote healing. Bioxin - A topical antibiotic to sterilize wounds that can be taken internally as a drug. Bugoff - Insect and Aracnian repellent. Dash 7- Enhances Agility +20 for 1:1sd hours. Delsurathol 12 -Preserves the dead permanently. De'jubiné Pollen -Enhances Perception +22 specifically the smell senses. E-dorphs -Essentially synthetic endorphins. Endbleed - Clots blood on contact and helps to form large hard scabs quickly. Hypermetabolin - Promotes fast healing by increasing the metabolism. Innoculagen - Provides immunity for 1 specific disease. Instacast - A treatment for broken bones using millions of transgenic organisms. The bacteria in each dose surround the bone and begin a process of calcification. This leaves a thin, but strong, coat of calcium over the broken bone. Nitrox Plus - This saturates the blood with N2 and O2 gas, allowing extended physical exertion without breathing. The results last for 1:10sd minutes and vary with activity. Pan-Immunogen - Gives complete viral immunity. Perk - Enhances perception overall +15 PKC - A memory aid, this helps the process of memory storage. Once taken the events for the following 1:10sd minutes will be remembered and can be recalled in minute detail. Promethel gel - Burn relief gel, which replace moisture sterilizes the wound and forms a hard crust until full healing has occurred. Recreational drugs - Available in addictive and non-addictive forms these drugs stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain. Smelling Salt - Wakes the sleeping or stunned. Sprayskin - Effective for covering wounds that have been sterilized with a protective bandage. This syn-skin will slowly be replaced with real skin as the body on functions proceed. Sunoil - Protects the skin against harmful UV light. Thenelin RGF - Regeneration and Growth Factor. Truth Serum - As the name states it stimulates the telling of the truth.

Thermozine (-)

Thermozine is a drug which stimulates the touch center of the brain into thinking that the subject is cooler than would normally be. The effect lasts about 3 hours, between which must be a period of i hour. Thermozine increases the amount of blood to the skin and scalp and lungs. It also increases the amount of alcohol in the sweat or slave (Fab) or whatever.