All modern clothing has features and characteristics that are extraordinary. Almost all garments are completely composed of synthetic fibers, but great strides have been made in the 'feel' of these fabrics. Many simulate cotton, wool, and other natural fibers but they have none of the draw-backs. The fibers are woven so that they stretch and relax allowing wrinkles to melt away in short course. Cleaning garments made of theses synthetics is not necessary ever since the addition of resident bacteria cultures. The microscopic organisms are embedded into the threads where they digest the various bodily excretions, and clean off dirt and stains. And since they are not exposed to the harsh cleaning process garments last much longer and look new longer. Garments are all manufactured extra large with various methods to adjust to the wearers' size. Overall, the clothing of today has greater flexibility and better user qualities, requiring less work to look your best even in worst environments.

Exposure Suit

Laced with heating and cooling coils this suit is more like a bag. By climbing into the suit the wearer is protected for heat and cold extremes. This performs essentially the same function as a thermal suit with none of the mobility it allows.

Gravity Pants

Used to lessen the number of G's the wearer feels, these can counter up 1 G of force. They effectively return the wearer to normal functioning even in high gravity environments.


This are used in zero-G environments to hold the wearer on to the floor. Especially useful on space platforms and stations without synthetic gravity these are often equipment found on such installations.

Radiation Suit

Consisting of multiple layers of fabrics and liners the suit will reflect excess radiation (within reason) and bring levels down to livable limits.

Space / Pressure Suit

Capable of basic life support the suit provides ventilation, heating and cooling, and radiation protection. The suit is constructed from very thin material and is primarily for working in low pressure zero-g environments

Thermal Suit

Thermal Suit

A thermal suit is a tight-fitting elastic body glove designed to protect its wearer from temperature extremes. It consists of numerous layers of synthetic water and fire-proof fabrics and insulates woven around the mesh of a microtubule cooling and heating system. When fully donned Thermals completely cover the wearer's exposed body surfaces even the face (although some manufacturers now provide detachable limbs) which will protect against atmospheric pressures as low as 0.3 and as high as 1.2 atmospheres for extended periods. Outside of the remarkably efficient body heat recycling system provided naturally by the suit's cloth, additional heat and cold can be supplied by a small helium pump on the suit's bib. A small touch console giving the outside temperature, probable perceived temperature, body temperature, etc. as well as temperature adjustment controls and programming inputs for special conditions (keep the body temperature stable if worker is endothermic, immediately cool the body upon death to prevent decomposition. Mixed with a special thermal catalyst, helium gas moves through the micro-tubing losing heat energy electro-chemically to the surrounding materials (comfortable until about -85°C). Then when the temperature increases toward zero, the gas re-absorbs heat energy from the suit and body (comfortable up to 125°C). If this isn't enough electric heating coils and a helium vacuum pump can be employed to extend the suit's limits to -130 to 170°C. A thermal suit is powered by 2 batt A's which under normal conditions will provide 100 hrs. of use. If the coils or vacuum pump must be used this life-time falls to 45 hrs.

VAC Suit

Essentially a tougher version of the space suit this one is constructed for rugged environments and heavy duty users. The outer layers provide a tough skin that will resist tears and protect the occupant. Additional armour can be added to further increase its durability to weapon damage.

CHIL suit (Cooled Habitat Insulation Liner)

A tight fitting body glove of predominantly black or white colouring, depending on the model and its heat exchange methods. the black version uses heat absorbed to react endo-thermochemically with a viscous green fluid under the upper layers, which is combined with perspiration salts to absorb heat and dissipate it through many ridges over the suits surface. Salts are collected in small bead-like pockets along the belt. There are edible (6 std. doses ) perspiration liquids simply evaporate. The white version is very bright in colour and reflects much of the IR spectrum. Heat are lost by pumping, mechanically, refrigerants through the suit and dispelling them through the many ridges on the surface. The pump has a 250 hr. BATT . Perspiration is purified and kept in small leg pockets. When full there are 2 l, but it takes (1/10℃ perc. ) x 100 hrs. These suits are fitted for sweaty beings, especially the black, and are worn by Humans, Low Kaa, Faborians, Eebek, Vjesperé, and (10%) sometimes Gliff and Sooaacoil (special order).