The Tanaians have been designed rather than evolved. The information on the Tanaians is sketchy and from what we know the Tanaians all came from one master computer. The computer was the latest in technology of another race, probably the Low Kaa due to their proximity, to the Tanaians home Planet. The master computer was used in fighting a war that was being waged between the colony of the Carakuss and the home world. After a time the master computer decided that not only was one side the enemies but both sides. The master computer quickly exterminated all of its enemies and began to build a new kind of life form, an inorganic one. The computer used the factories and information available to it and designed a workable self-contained robot which was connected to the master computer. With this primitive form the Tanaians began to explore the universe, the master computer installed in each of the Tanaians the need to gather information as one of the most basic laws. The master computer began slowly until he had extensions of himself to exploit the riches of the second largest moon in the system of Constella B. As the number of Tanaians increased so too did their ability to extract the resources necessary to expand their exploration.


Tanaians are large cylindrical shaped beings that can be divided roughly into two pieces the upper two thirds and the lower third. In its resting state die upper section is a large metallic cone constructed of what appears to be very shiny chromium metal. This is not the case however it is in fact a substance with properties of metal that is actually fluid and can be moulded by tuned force fields. At this time the actual mechanism is not known but it is clear that they can form their cone into any shape or configuration with only three limitations. First the mass that can be conformed is static - unless its density is modified. Second there is an internal rod that produces the field to mould the metal, it must always be completely surrounded by the cone material. And lastly the maximum distance the material can get from the central cone is two meters. The lower section contains their power supply packs and hover pods and force field generators - their main means of locomotion. The lower section is solid and is not malleable. They don’t need any nourishment and also require no vital gas.


Sensation for Tanaians occurs through every conceivable method for they can imitate any physical sense organ imaginable. The signals from these organs are relayed to the brain located in the lower section. The method of this trans mission is not known and it functions no matter what the configuration the cone.

Tanaian Anatomical


Tanaian speech is like senses, unlimited. What ever physical speech organ they choose to mould the cone into they can use to produce speech. The proper use of the organ and the knowledge of any language can usually be assimilated within hours of direct contact with a representative from the race.

Tanaian Anatomical

Social / Culture

No social culture is known about the Tanaians because one Tanaian is usually very, and the probably of two even more so. Several members have be questioned about their culture, with little or no revelation beyond the history stated above. It is known, however, that their primary function is to gather information and observe other cultures. This usually puts them in distant, non-interactive role to allow true insight into the motivations of the races they encounter.

Special Abilities


Life Span

First Sphere - Racial Size Comparison Chart

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