Throughout characters generation an example of a character being rolled-up will be shown to help you with any parts which may not seem obvious at first glance. A player, Reese, is rolling up a character. He has read all of the race description in the Centia and after careful thought, he decides to play the role of a Low Kaa. Reese affectionately names his female Low Kaa Nixole.

Generating Attributes

Primary Attributes

Physical Attributes

The first step in generating characters is determining their attributes. Reese writes down names of the four physical attributes, PS, AG, CO, PR, on a scrap sheet of paper. Next Reese looks on table #1-2 and finds that Low Kaa physical attributes have a 3 dice roll variance. So, Reese rolls 3 dice for each of the physical attributes and adds the total to the attribute bases - also listed on table #1-2. The percentages for the physical attributes are:

3:10sdDie 1710102
Die 26188
Die 32259

Mental Attributes

For each of Nixole's mental attributes Reese again writes down the name of the four mental attributes, WS, IT, MC, IN, on the paper. This time, however, he rolls 5 dice for each attribute and adds them to 30, the base for all sentient life forms. Nixole's mental attributes are:

5:10sdDie 13792
Die 29242
Die 32533
Die 47236
Die 541047


Reese simply rolls a 1:100sd dice to find Nixole's appearance. Reese rolls 68 and because of her appearance Reese finds on table #1-4 that he must add 5 points onto Nixole's Influence. Nixole's new IF is 55 percent.

Secondary attributes

Nixole's Secondary attributes are calculated by Reese in the following manner.

Aim = Average (AG, IT, MC)
Aim = Average (63, 56, 53) = 57.3 = 57

Brawl = Average (PS, AG, CO, PR)
Brawl = Average (55, 60, 43, 49) = 51.75 = 52

Move = Average (PS, AG, PR)
Move = Average (55, 60, 43) = 52.6 = 53

Damage record

Now Reese must calculate the damage points that Nixole has in each body part. To find the damage points that Nixole has in each of her body parts Reese divides Nixole's Constitution by the Racial average Constitution that is listed on table #1-3. The racial average of Constitution for Low Kaa is 40. The quotient of this division is 1.01. This quotient is then multiplied by the damage points for each body part listed on table #1-5.


Background Skill Development & Encultured Skills

Nixole is a Low Kaa and because she grew up on her home world of Carakuss she has a few skills which were learned while she grew up. Reese consults Table #1-6 and finds the skills that Nixole learned as a child are:

Low Kaa102585157

Reese writes in these number in the space provided beside each category. From table #1-7 Encultured Skills Reese finds that the Low Kaa basic education system teaches a number of skills:

COMArchaic Weapons 40
NON-TECHAnimal Riding 75
Swimming 65
SOCIO-SCICommunications 70
Folklore 70
Negotiation 80
Streetwise 85
Theology 80
TECHMining 55
Small Technologies 65
Land Transport 65

Rees now picks an occupation for Nixole. Reese reads all of the occupation descriptions in the beginning of this chapter. After some thought he picks her occupation to be that of an investigator.

IGAL Skills

Reese now picks more skills for Nixole to learn. While he is doing this he makes a tick mark beside each skill chosen and later he will roll-up the aptitude for each skill.

Skill Aptitudes

First Reese calculates the Attribute Average for Nixole by adding all of the Primary Attributes and dividing by eight.

Attribute Average = Average(PS,AG,CO,PR,WS,IT,MC,IN)
Attribute Average = Average(55, 63, 43, 49, 55, 56, 53, 50) = 53

Then he adds the attribute average to the result of a 1:100sd roll and divides by three. This final figure is the aptitude for one of the skills and should be repeated for each skill learned.

Linguistic Skills
Galatic Pidgin5643100= 66
Draelsik568370 + 20= 76

Reese would like to see if Nixole has the ability to learn Xeno-discplines. To do this Reese rolls 3:10sd: 4,4, and 4 (Yes, I fudged it for this example). Reese was successful in his roll and Nixole is a very special individual who has had a opportunity to learn Latagrea. Reese then finds the number of power points and the focus that Nixole has. Power points are found simply by adding the number of experience points (1 for all beginning characters) to the aptitude found as above.

Power Points = (AG + MS)/3
Power Points = (63 + 53)/3 = 38.6 = 40

Her power points are 40. He consults Table #1-10 to find the Focus Reese looks down the 1st column and finds 40 and scans across to the 0 hundreds column. This yields a focus of 60. Reese then writes these numbers onto Nixole's character sheet.

Rounding your Character

Dits and Out-fitting

Reese consults Table #1-15 and finds that beginning Freelance Investigators receive 1:10sd x 400 + 12,000 Đ. Reese rolls an 8, multiplies by 400 and adds 12,000 =15,200.

Reese then goes through the rest of character generation to round out Nixole. At the end of this chapter is a copy of Nixole's character sheet and two blank ones for you to use while generating your characters.
NOTE: Please make copies of the character sheets provided at the end of this chapter, rather than marking the blank provide.

A futuristic weapon next to a cigarette burning in an ashtray

A futuristic weapon next to a cigarette burning in an ashtray